Frequently asked questions

How do I join the Greater Victoria IIBA Chapter?
If you wish to join the local Chapter, please click here.

What is the cost to join the Greater Victoria IIBA Chapter?
The cost to join the local Chapter is $20.00 CAD an it is valid for a year.

Do I need to be a member of IIBA International to be a member of the local Chapter?
Yes, you must be a member of  Initernational IIBA before becoming a Chapter Member. If you are not already a member, please click here.

What type of events does the Greater Victoria IIBA Chapter offer?
In addition to the regular monthly Education events, we have the networking and discussion events where experts share their experience. We have an annual event which is typically around the fall season, if you are interested to sponsor for our events please contact the President of our local chapter at

What do I do if I cannot login into the Greater Victoria IIBA Chapter website or if I am not able to reset my password?
Please ignore the "JOIN" and the "SIGN IN" options available on the local chapter website, the "login" and "sign in" do not work and we are in contact with the IIBA team to resolve the issue. 

Who do I contact to get involved or to volunteer for the Greater Victoria IIBA Chapter?
We always welcome volunteers. Please send us an email at or come join us in one of our events.

Is my local Chapter account linked to my member account on the International IIBA website?
No, the local Chapter website and International website are independent. Currently, our local Chapter does not support "joining" via the local Chapter website, it is done in-person during our events or by email, please refer to the membership page for more details. The user account on the International IIBA website is not tied to the local Chapter website.

How can I follow the Chapter or keep in touch via social media?
You can receive regular updates by subscribing to our newsletter, or by sending your email to . You can follow us on linkedin or contact us to receive updates.